As you may know, we have closed school on three days so far this year due to weather-related issues.   These were considered “calamity days”. The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) allows districts to try an alternative to requiring students to come in extra days by providing lessons for them to complete online whenever school is closed AFTER five calamity days (these are referred to as “Electronic Days” or “E-days”).  We will implement additional E-days if weather conditions force us to close school on a seventh or eighth day. The teachers in the district have created lessons for students to complete and the process to access these is as follows:


Students at Valley View Intermediate, Junior High and Valley View High School:

  1. Individual teachers will instruct their students as to how they will access their lessons.  Most teachers will assign their lessons on Google Classroom.


Students at Valley View Primary:


  1. Log on to the primary building school website by clicking on the link AT THE TOP of the district website page which can be found at:  


  1. Once on the primary building school website, click on “resources” and you will find a link for “E-day lessons”.  Choose the link for your child’s grade and click on it. Please have your child follow the directions to complete all the lessons from Day 1 for the appropriate grade level.  


  1. On the first E-day, 1st grade students should also complete the Gym lesson, 2nd graders the Music lesson, and 3rd graders the Art lesson.  On the second Eday, 1st complete Music, 2nd complete Art and 3rd grade complete Gym. If there’s a third day, 1st  complete Art, 2nd complete Gym, and 3rd complete Music. Kindergarten students do not need to complete these additional lessons.


We understand that not all students will be able to complete these lessons online at home. For those students who do not complete the work on the day school is called off, teachers will provide them with a paper copy of the assignments on the next day we’re back in session.  Students will have ten school days to complete this work and turn it in.


Note: Your child’s teacher may have additional directions for you to follow to access the E-day lessons.  If so, (s)he will send that information home with your child.